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Location Extensions Can Improve Attorney Google Adwords PPC Results

Share on Pinterest Your law firm has most likely invested quite a bit of time and money in developing and updating a law firm website along with law firm seo.  However, despite this investment, you still might not be seeing...
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Benefits of Responsive Design SEO

Share on Pinterest If 2012 was the year of the mobile explosion, 2013 is the year of the responsive revolution as we further realize additional benefits of Responsive Design SEO that are significant. The website they access from their desktops...
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Mobile Website: Why and what the future can bring for E-commerce

Share on Pinterest So you already have a website, and you’re on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked-in, the works. But now you notice that many of your long time customers are walking around with phones in your business and you wonder...
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Latest Report on Mobile Usage from Google

Share on Pinterest Have you seen the latest report from Google on smartphone usage? After dubbing our planet the “mobile planet,” the presentation (based on research conducted by Ipsos OTC MediaCT in January, 2012) reports that not only are smartphone...
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Mobile Explosion – It’s Time To Go Mobile

Share on Pinterest Mobile Explosion It’s Still Not Too Late To Be Early – Go Mobile Before It’s Too Late! Do you think your company will benefit from having a mobile website? Think about this –By 2013, more people will...
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