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Benefits of Responsive Design SEO

If 2012 was the year of the mobile explosion, 2013 is the year of the responsive revolution as we further realize additional benefits of Responsive Design SEO that are significant.

The website they access from their desktops at work in the morning is the same website – with the same content and functionality – they will find on their smartphones later in the day and on their tablets in the evening. This means they won’t lose interest or get frustrated when trying to find the content they read quickly from their desktop, the page with the inquiry form or product description, or the contact information and location of a place of business.

Small service agencies, large retailers, law firms, publications, and everything in between are realizing that even a well designed website and well designed mobile site are not cutting it for today’s constantly connected consumers who want to be able to access the same content on all of their devices. Responsive websites that adapt automatically and elegantly to all devices are the revolutionary solution.

Google chart —->

Responsive websites simplify Internet marketing.

Instead of having to develop and manage content for multiple websites, responsive design enables a unified approach to content management as all content is contained within a single code base. The same applies to analytics and strategy development and deployment – unified, integrated and comprehensive – revolutionary.

Responsive design SEO produces a serious BOOST!  The SEO Benefits of Responsive Design are significant.

Finally and perhaps most important, responsive websites are easy to find because they come up higher in online searches. Google recommends responsive web design because having a single URL for desktop and mobile sites makes it easier for Google to discover content and for Google’s algorithms to assign indexing properties to content.

Revolutionary effects of responsive websites firsthand from client.

Within the first month of launching a responsive website for Charles Junkita & Associates and implementing advanced Search Marketing Integrations, we began seeing significant increases in positioning of targeted priority keywords. For example, prior to launching their responsive website, didn’t show up on the first 5 pages of a Google search for the term “NYC Bankruptcy Attorney.” After only 1 month with the new website, their listing is in the fifth position of Google’s organic search results (see screenshot below).

In addition to the dramatic increase in traffic from organic searches since launching the responsive website, we have also increased online exposure by improving Charles Junkita & Associate’s Google Adwords’ Quality Scores. High quality scores translate into decreased cost per click (CPC) for paid search terms. The influx in organic traffic combined with the new paid search campaign efficiencies have given Charles Juntikka the competitive edge he was hoping for when he hired Trighton Interactive to rebrand his law firm and create a new responsive design website.

Mr Juntikka says, “Everyone always told me that SEO takes a long time to kick in and to not expect immediate results. Well, I was pleasantly surprised with how expediently Google responded to our new website. Within two weeks of launching our site, we were showing up on the first page of Google for keywords we were not listed on before. The results have been fantastic so far and we’re just getting started with our content creation and distribution strategies.”

For additional information, read our guide on Why Responsive Design is a MUST have for your new website and view our portfolio of responsive website design.

Very small sampling of NEW Google placements since launching responsive website less than 2 months ago:

#2 Organic Listing in Google
#5 Organic Listing and #2 Adwords listing – Responsive Website blanketing results at efficient cost.

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