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Mobile Website: Why and what the future can bring for E-commerce


So you already have a website, and you’re on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked-in, the works. But now you notice that many of your long time customers are walking around with phones in your business and you wonder how you can reach them?

Lets start off with how important the mobile web actually is. In 2011, Business Insider had indicated that there are nearly 5.6 billion mobile phones in the world with 25% of those being smartphone, here in North America, that number is nearly 50%. It is expected that by 2015 global Internet usage will double. By the end of 2011, nearly 1 in 5 smartphone users scanned product barcodes, and nearly 1 in 8 compared prices on their phones while at a store, and what is most staggering is that 61% of customers who visit a mobile unfriendly site are likely to go to a competitor’s site according to IAB with 70% of companies having not optimized their website for growing mobile consumers according to BizReport.

70% of companies having not optimize their website with 61% of customers who visit a mobile unfriendly site are likely to go to a competitor’s site, you could be part of the 30% of business savvy individuals who have an optimized experience for those 61% who are shopping around. There is way too much of a disconnect between the mobile nation and the business.

Want to know some of the major brands using mobile segmenting into their businesses; Subway, Chipotle, Burger King, Best-Buy, and yes the dreaded Wal-Mart. So if they don’t push you to compete with them what will? Well many of these sites are offering things on a new level for their businesses from; mobile friendly emails (I couldn’t tell you how horrible it was to open an email on my BlackBerry and I had to download every image), to ordering food for pick-up/delivery, but wait it doesn’t stop here even 1-click ordering on popular sites like Amazon and Groupon, (which I was weary at first of using my cell phone but lets be honest, I wasn’t near a computer and it was necessary for me to have that $14 local golf deal for my husband, and guess what? the mobile site actually worked on my BlackBerry.)

So beyond making it easier for your consumers let’s quantify what 2011 turned out to be and what 2012 could be. InMobi predicted U.S. Mobile shopping sales volumes to equal $9 billion, compared to its $2.4 billion in 2010, and $1.2 billion in 2009. From 2010 to 2011 that’s nearly a 4 fold increase in mobile sales. 2012 is predicted to reach $11.6 billion, a nearly 120% increase in sales from the previous years according to PayNet.

With tender care a mobile website solution can be devised to which, your business will capitalize on the tremendous growth opportunity in mobile commerce. With an optimized mobile web site from Trighton, consumers searching on their smartphones will quickly find your site, easily access and read the information they need, and readily click to call or enter their information – without having to scroll through a web site designed for a desktop computer or write down, copy and paste, or remember a phone number. Every year the mobile ecommerce world is growing but have you asked yourself lately how you are innovative in the market and are you reaching all of your consumers?

At Trighton we are leading the industry in designing and developing responsive strategies for our clients. Contact Trighton Interactive online or by phone 1.800.407.2068 to mobilize your business.

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