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Location Extensions Can Improve Attorney Google Adwords PPC Results

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Your law firm has most likely invested quite a bit of time and money in developing and updating a law firm website along with law firm seo.  However, despite this investment, you still might not be seeing the results you want.  This could be due to lack of planning or factors beyond your control, but it could also be due to missed opportunities in areas such as your law firm’s Google Adwords campaign such as not taking the time to improve attorney Google Adwords PPC results.

In our experience working with many law firm’s Google Adwords campaigns, we have found that a strategic paid search marketing (also known as search engine marketing or SEM) campaign can not only increase the number of visitors to your site, but can also increase your qualified leads, conversions and ROI.

In the hands of someone who understands how SEM and Google analytics work, Google AdWords provides many cost-effective opportunities to maximize your law firm’s visibility and drive leads and conversions.   Adding Google local extensions to your Law Firm’s Google Adwords campaign can be very advantageous.

Location Extensions for Adwords can Improve Attorney Google Adwords PPC Results

People searching online for a law firm are usually looking for attorneys in a specific geographical location.  They might, for instance, search for “Dallas/Fort Worth business attorney,” “Orlando medical malpractice attorney,” or “New York bankruptcy attorney.” Then they will visit a few firms’ websites – typically those at the top of Google – and contact the firm that seems to best fit their needs.

Since more than 70% of the people looking for a lawyer think it’s important to have a local attorney (FindLaw U.S. Consumer Legal Needs Survey 2014), making your listing in Google locally relevant by enhancing it with your location, address and phone number can increase the number of people visiting your website by 10% and similarly increase the number of site visitors who contact your firm and become clients.

Here’s what a Google ad for mobile with local extensions looks like:


law firm's Google Adwords Campaign

Why Use Local Extensions For Your Law Firm Google Adwords Campaign

  • Takes up more space at the top of the Google Search page, so it naturally attracts more attention.
  • Makes accessing relevant areas of your website very easy.
  • Makes contacting you extremely easy.


Increase Your Law Firm’s Visibility in Google Maps

When you add local extensions to your law firm’s paid search marketing campaign, the extended information will display across Google Search, Mobile and Google Maps.  These enhanced listings will increase your online visibility and help you stand out from other firms.


Improve Attorney Google Adwords PPC Results

Law Firm PPC Ad with Extensions in Google Maps

  • Enhances your law firm’s Google maps listing.
  • Provides relevant, targeted information.
  • Makes contacting your law firm extremely easy.
  • Captures a growing market among mobile users searching for law firms.


Our Law Firm Google Adwords Experts will setup your PPC/Adwords Campaign for Success.

A Google AdWords campaign with local extensions can maximize your law firm’s visibility online, increasing leads and conversions.  A campaign developed and managed by the expert law firm marketing team at Trighton Interactive will produce the results you want to stay ahead of the competition.

Unlike many Law Firm SEO agencies, we don’t just set up your campaign and let it run. From choosing precise words and phrases to creating ads, studying your analytics, optimizing your campaign, and managing your paid search budget efficiently, Trighton will maximize your marketing ROI and get you the results you want.

Call us today at 1-800-407-2068 or contact us online to get started with a free consultation.

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