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Why Law Firms Need Call Tracking

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Long gone are the days when word-of-mouth, networking and a good reputation were all that was needed to market a law firm. Today, attorneys have to keep up-to-date on new technology and digital marketing tactics to be at all competitive. They need updated websites, fresh content, SEO tactics, social media posts and marketing videos to generate qualified leads and attract clients to their firms.

In addition, attorneys need information. They need to be able to judge the value of their various marketing initiatives and make evidence-based decisions about their marketing investments. They need to understand their marketing results in order to improve them and increase their marketing ROI.

At Trighton Interactive, our team of digital legal marketing experts recommend call tracking for attorneys who want to stay on top of their marketing budget and continuously improve their marketing results. In this blog post, we’ll cover the three main reasons why law firms should use call tracking technology.

Optimize Your Marketing Strategy

Call tracking has come a long way since office staff had to ask callers how they heard of a firm and then manually enter the information into a database. Today, call tracking software enables multi-channel lead attribution, with cookies and dynamic number insertion to track a potential client’s online activity, individual tracking numbers to track offline campaigns, and a main phone line number to track direct phone calls.

This comprehensive tracking gives firms a better overall picture of their marketing efforts and a clear understanding of what strategies are driving leads. For example, with call tracking software, we can track a client’s journey from seeing your firm’s social media ad about preparing for a hurricane during a pandemic to clicking on a link to your website’s hurricane damage insurance claim attorney page to calling your office to schedule a consultation.

In this case, we would know that more than one element led to the client calling. We would also know that the social media ad was performing as intended. If, on the other hand, we found that people were viewing the ad but not going to your website or contacting your firm, we would have reason to believe that the ad was not effective.

Given this kind of specific information, we can measure the success of each marketing tactic in terms of leads generated and clients gained. We can pinpoint the most effective tactics and optimize your comprehensive marketing strategy to drive continued success for your firm.

Increase Your Return on Investment

Once you have information on the relative success of your marketing campaigns, you can make better decisions about how to invest your marketing dollars. That is, with sophisticated call tracking, you have data to help you understand which keywords are performing well, what kind of paid search or social media ads bring results, and how efficacious your new video is so you can make informed decisions about future marketing efforts.

In fact, analyzing call tracking data has enabled us to help law firms significantly increase their marketing ROI. First, we can quickly end ineffective campaigns and shift resources to those that generate more qualified leads. Second, we can pinpoint firms’ problems in responding to potential clients and solve them to increase new cases. Third, we can experiment with new campaigns, evaluate them, and continue only those that perform well. All in all, we can get a comprehensive picture of your marketing goal achievement and continue growing your firm’s success.

Collect Valuable Information about Potential Clients

In addition to improving your overall marketing strategy and increasing your ROI, call tracking can also help you understand potential clients better. With call tracking, you will know the zip codes potential clients call from, how many times they call, how long their calls last and the time when they called. With this information, you can begin to understand who reads your ads, your posts, or individual website pages and what it is that makes them call.

In our experience working with successful law firms, we’ve found that knowing about potential clients can help firms shape clear business development goals and achieve them. In contrast, trying to plan for future growth without reliable information on potential clients can lead to poor planning and wasted resources.

If your law firm is serious about business development and intelligent marketing and you aren’t yet using call tracking analytics, now is the time to get moving. Call Trighton Interactive today to talk with a legal marketing expert about how call tracking can help your firm achieve its business development goals.

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