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Latest Report on Mobile Usage from Google


Have you seen the latest report from Google on smartphone usage? After dubbing our planet the “mobile planet,” the presentation (based on research conducted by Ipsos OTC MediaCT in January, 2012) reports that not only are smartphone ownership and use on the rise but use of smartphones to search the internet and to make purchases is also increasing.

Think about these facts:

• 82% of US smartphone owners use a search engine at least once per week.
• 88% notice ads while searching.
• 92% use their smartphones to search for local information.
• 89% have taken action after searching for local information.
• 47% have visited a website after searching for local information.

And at least half of mobile users make purchases on their phones monthly.

As Google puts it, “smartphones are consumers’ always-on companion.”. Shouldn’t your company be always-on too? An integrated marketing strategy, including search engine marketing, local listings management and a website optimized for mobile devices is a must in today’s mobile world!

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