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Is Exclusivity Guaranteed by Your Law Firm Marketing Company?

Most Legal Marketing companies do NOT offer exclusivity to their clients. Are you concerned about working with a Law Firm Marketing company that also does work for other law firms in the same city with the same areas of practice? ...
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Best Medical Malpractice Responsive Website

Best Medical Malpractice Responsive Website  — UPDATE 6/15/16: After 30+ years in practice, the law partners of SHL&G decided to disolve their firm.  Silver lining, we were fortunate to continue our longterm partnership with founding Partner of SHL&G, Paul Simonson.  In collaboration with Paul, we...
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Location Extensions Can Improve Attorney Google Adwords PPC Results

Your law firm has most likely invested quite a bit of time and money in developing and updating a law firm website along with law firm seo.  However, despite this investment, you still might not be seeing the results you...
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professional attorney photos

Improve Your Law Firm’s Website with Professional Attorney Photos

Often our clients question the value of having attorney photos and videos about their practice on their law firm’s website, wondering if it’s worth their time and money to invest in updated, professional photographs just to enhance their sites. To...
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Creative Experts at Trighton Sweep IMA Awards

All of the websites Trighton Interactive submitted for judging in the past year have received Best in Class awards, the highest honor given by the Interactive Media Awards (IMA). In 2015 alone, websites designed by Trighton, a full-service digital agency...
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attorney search engine rankings

Fundamental Tips To Improve Your Attorney Search Engine Rankings

As we approach the summer of 2016, most Attorneys understand the importance of high Attorney Search Engine Rankings and have employed a comprehensive SEO Strategy to ensure their Attorney Search Engine Rankings appear at the top of Google for priority keywords.   Many law firms have updated their websites with...
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