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Five Reasons to Work with Multiple Digital Marketing Agencies

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According to a recent report released by Borrell Associates, businesses’ spending on digital marketing services – website design and hosting, SEO, reputation management, content development, social media management, and numerous other services – has tripled in the past eight years.  At the same time, a diverse digital marketing industry has grown to support this increase and stimulate further development.

For small businesses, keeping abreast of the latest digital marketing tactics, understanding the effects of changes in Google’s algorithm, reviewing website analytics, or changing marketing tactics to achieve revenue goals can be overwhelming and time-consuming.  Your time could be much better spent working on your business.

Realizing this, you’ve probably hired a digital marketing agency, invested in a good website, and contracted for ongoing SEO services.  For most businesses, that’s a good start, but, given today’s highly competitive market and fast-paced digital world, you could be missing out on important opportunities to maximize your internet marketing ROI if you are working with only one marketing agency.

Here’s why:

1. Digital Marketing Agencies Have Different Specialties

Digital marketing agencies are not all the same; they have different areas of expertise. They might offer an array of services, but actually specialize in only a few.  For example, some firms might specialize in web design and hosting but offer search engine marketing services too.  Other firms might specialize in SEO and offer other services, such as web design, content development, and social media management to boost their SEO services.

The point is that different digital marketing agencies have different strengths and use different strategies.  By working with more than one agency, your company’s marketing campaign can be powered up with the combined strengths and areas of expertise of your chosen marketing agencies.

2. Your Business Could be Paying for More Than It Needs

Full-service digital agencies might offer an array of internet marketing services, but that array comes with a hefty price tag.  Some companies then find themselves stuck in a contract under which they are paying for services they really do not need.

A much more effective approach for maximizing your business’s internet marketing ROI is to pay for only what you need.  Consulting with several different agencies on your firm’s needs and relying on boutique firms that specialize in those services might be exactly what you need to boost revenue.

3. Your Business Might Need Help with a Special Digital Marketing Project

Maybe at this point in the game, you already have a website and digital marketing campaign that are giving you the results you want.  However, you want to broaden your reach with a blog or with social media.  You don’t need a multitude of meetings or a multitude of services; you want someone to manage your blog or set up and manage your social media.

If you want only a specific digital service, then working with an agency that specializes in that area makes sense.  Again, you want to work with an expert, and you don’t want to pay for services you don’t need.

4. Your Current Digital Marketing Agency Isn’t Giving You the Service or Results You Want

Many businesses have been disappointed when working with a big digital marketing agency but are reluctant to sever their ties with the agency.  Perhaps they’re concerned about the time and money they’ve already invested in the relationship and the campaign, or perhaps they are bound by a long-term contract or will lose their digital assets if they leave their present agency.

Whatever the case, companies in these situations can benefit from the expertise and personalized service of an experienced SEO professional.  A good SEO can examine your current campaign tactics and help you address deficiencies in your current agency’s approach. A good digital marketing agency can respond quickly and efficiently to your questions and requests for service.

5. Depending on One Digital Marketing Agency Can Limit Your Competitiveness

Most internet marketing agencies provide multiple digital marketing services; however, their employees might not be skilled or up-to-date in all areas.  If you count on only one firm to meet all of your digital marketing needs, you then run the risk of not getting the best service in some areas.

To stay ahead of the competition, you need experts in all areas of digital marketing.  Finding an expert SEO, expert copywriter, and expert social media manager might, for example, require working with three different companies.

The Experts at Trighton Interactive Will Work with Other Web Marketers for the Maximum Return on Your Internet Marketing Investment.

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