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Is Exclusivity Guaranteed by Your Law Firm Marketing Company?

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Most Legal Marketing companies do NOT offer exclusivity to their clients. Are you concerned about working with a Law Firm Marketing company that also does work for other law firms in the same city with the same areas of practice?  What if your marketing company were using the same internet marketing strategies to promote your competitors’ firms as they were using for yours?

I’d be very concerned working with a legal Marketing Agency Offers Exclusivity, and you should be too!  Yet that’s exactly the way many big law firm marketing companies do business, and it’s exactly opposite to the approach we take at Trighton Interactive.  Our Legal Marketing agency offers exclusivity to all of our clients.  We do NOT work with our client’s competitors!

Your Law Firm Deserves an Exclusive Internet Marketing Partner

We are not a one-size-fits-all type of law firm marketing company, and we don’t ever work with other law firms in the same market as our clients.  In fact, we provide our law firm clients with completely custom solutions based on the specific kinds of cases they want.

To achieve the level of success we regularly attain for our clients, we take a totally non-traditional approach:  we become your true marketing partner.  You’re our client, and we want to get to know you, but we also want to get to know all about your clients and ideally have a full understanding of their needs, wants and desires before customizing strategies to market your firm.

We achieve extraordinary results building strong relationships with our clients based on trust.  We produce custom solutions designed specifically for our clients, and guarantee exclusivity.
Just over 8 years ago, Paul Simonson, was my first medical malpractice client and he required that we provide him exclusivity in NYC if we were to get Exclusivity to Paul Simonsonhis business.  He’s been our client for 8+ years now, with $35MM+ dollars in settlements awarded from cases generated from internet leads produced by Trighton’s targeted law firm SEO strategies.  Paul’s glad to be working with Trighton, and we’re glad to be working exclusively with his New York Medical Malpractice Law firm. (Case Study on Paul’s Firm)

The Trighton Difference Means You Come First

If your law firm is a good fit for Trighton, you’ve most likely already spoken with some of the large attorney marketing companies who promise lawyers like you that they will get you on the first page of Google while they tell 50 of your direct competitors the same exact thing.  These companies also have 3x as many employees in on their sales team then expert staff actually working on their client’s websites.  One of the larger legal internet marketing companies sent many of my clients a huge direct mail piece offering a chance to win a vegas trip if they agreed to a 30 minute website consultation.  Any thoughts on the quality of those leads?

Legal Marketing Agency Offers Exclusivity

We don’t have 500 employees, and we haven’t been cold calling your law firm.  You found us because we practice what we preach by implementing advanced SEO on our website to ensure we show up at the top of Google.  At Trighton, we take our business and clients personally and really care, we’re results-driven, and exclusivity for our clients is of the utmost importance.  Just as you should be selective in choosing a legal marketing agency to work with, we are selective in the clients we choose to work with.  Our goal is to find leaders in their area of practice who are looking to radically grow their law firm through a mutually equitable long term partnership. 

Contact us and speak with an expert on how we can help your law firm.

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