SEO Is a Longterm Investment…When Done Right

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Digital Marketing Agencies often do not use their teams’ talents and skills to market their own businesses.  They are so busy analyzing data, designing websites, writing copy, and communicating with clients that they forget the dual maxims of oxygen masks on airplanes and SEO:  take care of yourself first and make sure you show up at the top of Google and other search engines.

My experience working with business from startups to Fortune 500 companies and now as CEO of  Trighton Interactive, a full service digital agency based in Orlando, has shown me how important these maxims are.  At Trighton, we have spent countless hours writing and distributing our own content, building our following on social media, giving presentations and quotations for technology writers, and doing everything else possible to provide value to our online visitors.  And all of our work has paid off — SEO is a longterm investment.

Trighton is at the top of Google rankings for many of our priority keywords including Orlando SEO, and when businesses come to our website they find abundant evidence of our expertise in SEO and responsive website design.  The first step is getting the visitor to our site, then we substantiate credibility with our content and portfolio of work.

We just signed a contract with a new client who told me, “I decided to go with Trighton Interactive because you were at the top of Google for ‘Orlando Search Engine Optimization.”  You must know what you’re doing.”  Think about it.  The results speak for themselves – SEO is truly an investment that pays continuous returns.

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Jody Resnick

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Jody Resnick, CEO of Trighton Interactive, is a leader in search engine marketing strategy and execution. He has developed successful campaigns across diverse industries for over thirteen years on both the “client side” and the “agency side” of the business. At Trighton, Jody leads all facets of execution, strategic development, and product research to develop integrated, high-impact, data driven campaigns for clients. An early proponent of responsive website design, Jody is ahead of the curve in SEM and SEO strategy development. View Author Page
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