NYC Matrimonial Law Firm Website Design

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Leitner & Getz LLP, a sophisticated NYC Matrimonial Law Firm, has recently launched a sleek, new, responsive New York City matrimonial law firm website design which highlights the firm’s expertise and accomplishments in handling complex matrimonial cases.  Designed to respond optimally on any screen, the new website gives people looking for a top-notch divorce attorney in New York, the information they need to make a good decision about their legal representation.

Both partners are excited about the new look of their New York City Matrimonial Law Firm website design and they are very glad they decided to work with Trighton Interactive, a leader in attorney SEO and law firm websites.  They now have a sophisticated New York City matrimonial law firm website design that reflects their accomplishments and engages prospective clients with its simple elegance, user-friendly interface, and client-focused content.

NYC Matrimonial Law Firm Website Design

Gregory Getz reports that “the new website has already produced positive results in attracting our target audience, largely because they like what they see and read online about our systematic methodology in handling the financial and custody aspects of matrimonial cases.

New York City Matrimonial Law Firm Website Design

Getz’s partner, Jerome Leitner adds that other attorneys in New York have seen their new website and been impressed with its design.  “The color scheme, pictures, and
content flow together beautifully.  Everything about the new Leitner & Getz website says care and quality.”  Both Leitner and Getz note that the Trighton Interactive team took the time to understand the essence of their law practice and reflect their exceptional legal service in all aspects of the new website.


Enjoy Leitner & Getz’s new website at .

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