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Attorney Responsive Design – A Must Have for Your Next Law Firm Website

If your Firm’s website isn’t built with Responsive Website Design, you could be losing prospective clients.

How many times has this happened to you?

You grab your smartphone to search for a website, and when you find it, you can’t read the information you need. You try moving everything around, but you just can’t get the information you need to display well, if at all, on your phone.

Like most people, you probably get frustrated and leave the site. A recent marketing survey showed that you’re not alone: over 50% of mobile users will not go back to a website if they’ve had this kind of frustrating experience, and 40% percent will search and go to a competitor’s website instead.

Obviously, you want a website that provides an optimal experience for prospective clients, not frustration. And at a time when mobile use is increasing beyond all expectations, you want to make sure your website displays optimally on all mobile devices.

For law firms that want to reach today’s mobile clients, it’s essential that you leverage law firm responsive design for your next website.

Trighton Interactive pioneered the use of responsive design for law firms in 2011. Our responsive websites look excellent and work optimally, regardless of what device is being used. Without getting overly technical, responsive design allows your firm’s website to respond and display the ideal layout for the screen resolution of all devices – iPhones, Androids, iPads, Computers, TV’s, Nintendo WiiU gamepads, and whatever device comes out next.

For years, the common practice has been to develop a unique mobile version of a website on a subdomain. For example, if a law firm’s primary URL is, the usual mobile equivalent will be Visitors on mobile devices are automatically redirected to the “m.” version. This approach worked and it’s better than not having a mobile website at all, but there are some significant drawbacks:

1) The mobile site is a standalone website. Therefore, each time you add or delete content from your main site, you also have to update the mobile website

2) The device detection and redirect processes can slow loading speed for mobile users, sometimes causing user frustration.

3) Having a separate mobile website can confuse the search engines and make finding your website difficult.

Unlike separate mobile sites, Trighton Interactive’s attorney responsive design websites run off a single codebase, so you no longer need separate websites for each device. Tracking website visitors becomes much easier, as one implementation of Google Analytics tracks users across all devices.

Attorney Responsive Design – The ideal solution for attorneys looking to stay ahead

At Trighton, we believe responsive design is the smart choice for your law firm’s next website. Attorney responsive design websites provide the best user experience across all devices.

1) Clients can easily access your website, since you have only one site.

2) Clients can readily read and use information on your site no matter what device they are using. (iPhone, android, blackberry, iPad, laptop, desktop, tv, nook, etc.).

3) Responsive design is the best approach for Search Engine Optimization and optimizing your client base.

4) One URL makes it easier for Google to index your website in their search engine, so your website will come up before others when clients do an online search.

5) One URL and the same HTML increase Google crawl efficiency, so clients can achieve top listings in the search results.

We Create Award Winning Attorney Responsive Design Websites For Leading Law Firms.

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Attorney Responsive Design

Attorney Responsive Design

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