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Trighton Interactive Launches New Best-in-Class Responsive Website

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Trighton launched a new, best-in-class responsive website for their brand to showcase the latest in responsive design.

Trighton Interactive, a full service digital agency located in Orlando, Florida, has launched a new, best-in-class responsive website for their brand to showcase the latest in responsive design. The new site features a friendly and intuitive, seriously awesome, innovative responsive design. The designers at Trighton didn’t hold back any functionality on their new website. From the mobile-first approach and sticky header that holds the top navigation in place as you scroll through the site to the innovative portfolio display that you can flip through using touch on tablets and iPhones and the updated blog containing a wealth of valuable content on responsive design and SEO, Trighton’s new flagship website is a showcase of the hottest responsive elements available to enhance the user experience.

Since early 2011, Trighton has been advocating responsive design as the most effective online marketing strategy for growing a business’ customer base and increasing revenues. A leader in Internet marketing, CEO Jody Resnick foresaw the effects of the mobile explosion on consumers’ searching and shopping experiences and recognized the need for websites that would respond to the device they were using, whether it be a desktop computer, a smartphone, or a tablet.

Featured in, the Orlando Sentinel, widely circulated blog posts, top mobile publicationsand, most recently, a article, Resnick has lauded the efficacy of responsive design for both consumers and businesses. Now the new Trighton website is demonstrating the best of the best in responsive wizardry.

As Resnick recently explained to Susan Gunelius in her article, Why You Need to Prioritize Responsive Design Right Now,” “Responsive websites provide continuity between different viewing contexts, remaining completely agnostic to the type of device used and the size of the screen it has.” What this means is that the same website will present an optimized layout regardless of which device it finds itself being loaded in.” Resnick also notes that responsive websites have the additional advantages of simplifying Internet marketing strategy development and execution and increasing a site’s rankings in organic search.


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