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Ouchies Fan Acquisition Case Study

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Facebook Fan Acquisition Case Study

Ouchies is a brand of bandages that boasts, “People Against Boring Bandages.”

While Ouchies is a relatively young company, they had come to Trighton Interactive to amp up their social media presence by launching a Facebook Fan Acquisition promotion. The goal of the promotion was to drive new fans to join Ouchies Facebook Page.

The promotion prompted Facebook users to ‘like’ the page and be entered to win 1 year of free Ouchies Bandages. Specifically indicating to the user that they must ‘like’ the page and fill out a form, and once the fan count on the Facebook page reached 5000 fans a random winner would be selected for the promotion.

During the first 10 days of our client’s contest we had achieved a 103% increase in Facebook fans that’s a surge of 3708 total ‘likes’ in less than a 2-week period.

We hit our goal of over 5,000 fans for Ouchies in less than 6 weeks. These new fans are qualified because they’ve already demonstrated an affinity to Ouchies by entering the contest. We call this a success!

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