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Avoid Google Penalties and Keep Your Website in Good Rankings

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As a business professional, you probably know how important it is for your website to show up in Google’s search engine results; however, you may not be aware of the factors that affect your website’s ranking in Google.  Fortunately, Google has issued specific guidelines to help us understand how to develop and maintain quality websites that won’t get penalized (demoted or even removed) in its search results.

Avoid Google Penalties by Following Google’s Quality Guidelines

Through all of its ongoing algorithm updates, Google spokespeople have consistently emphasized the fact that we should create web pages for the people who are going to use them, not for search engines.  That means all of the pages of your website should contain different information that is relevant to your business and your site visitors.  It also means that your website should offer something unique and valuable to site visitors, not the same old stuff they can find on hundreds of similar websites.

Of primary importance in meeting Google’s standards for quality is website integrity.  Google cautions webmasters, marketers, and business owners not to use deception, manipulation, or what’s known in the industry as “black-hat SEO techniques” to game the system.  These “spammy” practices will result in a penalty – demotion or complete removal – in its search engine results.

Avoid Google Penalties

Avoiding a Google penalty should not be difficult if you follow these basic guidelines:

  • Develop original content.  Google penalizes web pages composed of unoriginal or automatically generated content, whether it’s developed by automated translation, synonymizing, scraping, or combining content from other web pages. They advise writing relevant, valuable content using keywords that clearly indicate the topic of each page. If this seems too challenging or time-consuming, I suggest hiring a digital agency with content development expertise or a freelance professional to help you keep up with your website content development needs.
  • Promote your brand.  Good, consistent branding is important for your business’s success and your web presence.  Well established brands are much less likely to be penalized by Google and much more likely to attract consumers.  At Trighton Interactive, we always tell clients that creating a positive brand image on the web – from having an updated award winning responsive website to developing a natural, engaging social media presence – is crucial to maintaining good visibility on the web.
  • Build online authority and links to your site naturally.  Google rewards quality and authority and penalizes schemes intended to trick its search engine into ranking your website highly because of its presumed authority and quality.  Google spokespeople suggest creating and distributing valuable, original content to build authority and credibility and acquiring valuable links to your website to work toward a higher ranking in its search engine results. At Trighton, we encourage clients to develop and maintain a solid, natural link profile by guest posting on relevant sites, asking authoritative websites to link to relevant content on their sites, and checking incoming links for relevancy and legitimacy.

Take Action Now to Avoid Google Penalties

Now is the best time to update your website and establish your brand and authority on the web.  If you wait until Google updates its algorithm and then try to catch up, you could be risking your firm’s online visibility and findability.  Be proactive. Contact the Orlando SEO Experts at Trighton Interactive for the web design and internet marketing expertise to help you build a dominant web presence.

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