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Increase Law Firm Clients: Attorneys Must Update Law Firm Website

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Increase Law Firm Clients

Award Winning Responsive Design For Leading Law Firm

If your firm is looking for ways to increase law firm clients and revenue, it could be time to re-evaluate and update your website. Can clients easily find your website? Does the site load quickly and correctly on multiple devices? Does it include relevant, updated content? Can clients readily find the information they need and contact your law firm directly from the site?  Increase law firm clients by implementing a comprehensive digital strategy.

Our research shows that 85% of people looking for local businesses, such as a law firm, search online on their phones, tablets, laptops and desktop pc’s. If your firm’s website doesn’t come up on the first page of Google, they will find a firm whose website does. If your website doesn’t load well on their device, they’ll quickly find a firm’s site that does. And if they can’t find relevant, current content or easily figure out how to contact your firm, they’ll contact someone else.

In today’s high speed, connected world, having an outdated website that isn’t user-friendly can hurt your business almost as much as not having any website. To avoid this situation and position your law firm for success, following these best practices is highly recommended.

Make Sure Your Law Firm Has a Mobile-Friendly, User-Friendly Website

Internet users searching for a law firm are attracted to sophisticated designs and functionality, as well as speed and convenience. If your firm’s website does not load well on the device they are using or if they can’t easily figure out your areas of practice and how to contact you, they will quickly click away from your site. Similarly, if the site is static, overloaded with textual content, unbalanced looking, or full of stock images seen on other websites, people will be unimpressed and search for a firm that seems to care more about its clients, its reputation, and staying current.

To remedy the problems associated with an outdated website, we suggest investing in a new responsive design website for attorneys. A responsive design site loads quickly and responds optimally to the device on which it is being viewed. It can easily be maintained and updated as digital technology advances and web design preferences change, and, since it is mobile-friendly, it will improve your site’s ranking in Google.

Increase Law Firm Clients by Optimizing Your Law Firm’s Website for Search

While some law firms focus primarily on the design and content of their websites, savvy attorneys know that the most beautiful, up-to-date website is only good if prospective clients can find it. To increase the chances of being found, these attorneys have their websites optimized for search.

Search engine optimization (SEO) begins with a good site architecture, keyword research, page design, and metadata, but it can’t end there. To improve your site’s position and maintain good visibility so clients can easily find it requires ongoing attention to site data and willingness to develop new content. To keep your firm ahead of the competition and increase law firm clients, we recommend engaging the services of an Attorney SEO Expert with experience in law firm marketing.

View our Case Studies of Law Firm Websites we optimized for search.  Note the Google rankings.  

Increase Law Firm Clients by Adding Useful and Informative Content to Your Law Firm’s Website

Google and your clients are looking for fresh, relevant content. If your website has cookie cutter content written more than a year ago, it is probably not ranking well in Google or bringing you the clients you want.

Fresh content showing what you’ve achieved for clients, videos establishing your credibility and authenticity, press releases, and blog posts can all help your site’s ranking in search engines while building your firm’s credibility with clients. A content development strategy and blog management services can boost your rankings and increase laws firm clients and revenue.

Digital Experiences Engage Clients And Increase Law Firm Clients

Getting new clients to your website is only the first step in successful internet marketing for attorneys. Leading firms know how to engage with clients once they’ve accessed their website. Whether you use click-to-chat, easy-to-use contact forms, or FAQ pages that allow users to search for answers to their questions, your object should be to engage clients with interactive experiences.

In addition to blog posts on topics relevant to your practice, we suggest linking to and updating your firm’s profiles in social media, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to interact with prospective and current clients online. A well thought out social media marketing plan can help you build awareness of and loyalty to your firm.

To get started on an effective plan to increase your law firm clients and revenue, contact Trighton Interactive at 1.800.407.2068.

We have a strong expertise in website design, attorney SEO, content development, and attorney social media marketing for law firms.

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