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Internet Enabled Platforms – Trighton’s Architectual Principles of Service Oriented Architecture

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Internet Enabled Platforms – A Service Oriented Architecture

At Trighton one of the core technical architectural principles we strive to provide clients is the concept of Internet enabled platforms. Google, Facebook and Amazon are three examples of companies that provide Internet platforms.

Why are platforms so important?  The Internet has evolved from being just a network of computers that can communicate with one another to a rich environment where data and functionality can be provided from an array of providers. To do this, these providers have platforms that offer their data and services to the greater web. Take Google maps as an example.  Maps is a service in Google’s platform offerings that uses Google’s own maps website and their underlying maps platform but is also used by mobile GPS systems, private real estate systems, and a host of other applications. This multi-use functionality is enabled by a platform design that is centered on services.

In case you haven’t noticed Google Maps is not alone.  The entire web is becoming interconnected platforms that offer services, data, products and functionality to other platforms.

With this in mind, we believe it is imperative that our clients’ systems are designed as services oriented platforms. We use a convention known in the industry as REST.  REST becomes the way that both internal and 3rd party systems communicate with the platform. The advantage of designing our clients’ systems as platforms is that they can take advantage of the infrastructure of the internet by utilizing other platforms to provide new and novel functionality.

In addition, platforms reduce time to market by using 3rd parties’ services that eliminate the need to build portions of a system and reduce the costs of ownership and service.  An example of this is using Amazon Web Services for Shopping cart functionality. A third party’s platform and services are offered on our client’s platform as services.

When a client’s system is built as a platform with a service oriented architecture, the selection of underlying technology is simplified because the service oriented architecture divorces functionalities from the actual systems that implement them, so technical selection, such as which shopping cart or which credit card processor to utilize, becomes less important and can be done based on deep understanding of the requirements.

Where we differ from other agencies is that from the very start of a project we set out to design a platform that will enable your business to grow and change without multiple updates to your system. To do this, we work with you through the discovery and architecture design phases to understand your business needs and choose optimal technology.

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