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Increase Google Rankings With Fundamental SEO Strategies


For law firms, doctors’ offices, and other small businesses, keeping up with the latest technology and digital environment can be very challenging, since taking care of clients and managing your business is your main concern. However, in today’s online world, it’s critical that you educate yourself with knowledge of SEO and internet marketing and increase Google rankings.

If you do not have a recently updated website optimized for mobile and an internet marketing strategy, you’re most likely losing market share at a rapid rate. Fortunately, you don’t have to be an advanced SEO expert or spend a fortune on a marketing guru to increase traffic to your website. Using six simple strategies can get you on the road to success and increase Google rankings.

Increase Google Rankings with a Blog

A prime way to improve your website’s visibility in Google is to regularly publish new content relevant to your business. Google views fresh, well written content, typically published in blog posts, as an indication of a healthy business and rewards it with a higher ranking in its search engine. With a higher ranking, your website will be easier to find when prospects are looking for the services you provide. In fact, businesses that blog on an ongoing basis get over 60% more leads from their websites than those that don’t blog.

So, to get started, add a blog to your website or re-activate the one you started when you launched your present site. Then develop a content strategy and calendar that focuses on regularly publishing quality content relevant to your clients. Answers to frequently asked questions; explanations of specific areas of practice, products, or services; advice for resolving typical client issues; and commentary on local, national or global events related to your business are all good ideas for blog topics.

Use Keywords to Increase Google Rankings

Many law firms and small businesses miss out on an opportunity to enhance their websites’ position in Google by not using keywords effectively. Keywords are the terms that clients use when searching for businesses, services and products online. Your keywords could include the name of your firm or business, common terms for the services or products you provide, and the geographical location of your office or retail business.

What’s important to remember is that each page of your website should be associated with a specific keyword. That keyword should be included in the page title and headings on the page, if appropriate, as well as in the page content and meta description (the description that shows up under the link to the page in Google).

Signing Up for Google My Business is a Fundamental SEO Strategy

Registering with Google My Business is one of the easiest things you can do to promote your website and generate more leads. It ensures that your website is in Google’s index, so people can find it when searching online; and it literally puts you on the map (Google maps, that is), so your location is displayed when people search for local businesses.

Getting started with Google My Business is easy. Simply go to the Google My Business page and sign up for the free service. All you have to do is create a login and provide contact and other information about your business.

Claiming Local Listings will Increase Google Rankings

Websites that list local businesses, such as Yelp, CitySearch, Yellow Pages and Superpages, can be very helpful, as most people search locally for small businesses. However, you need to claim your profile on the sites and use them to promote your business. You can access each local listing site separately, claim your profile, update your name, address, phone number (NAP data) and business description and even add pictures and specific information about your services or products.

If this seems too time-consuming, an internet marketing agency or online service, such as Moz Local, can help you get started. By understanding how your digital presence could be improved in local listings, you can begin to boost your online visibility and performance.

More Reviews for your business = Increased Google Rankings

Claiming your profile and ensuring that all information is accurate and up-to-date is the first step in enhancing your visibility in local listings. The next step is to populate the sites with client reviews.

Since the majority of today’s consumers read reviews before making a purchasing decision, having positive reviews on review sites is very important. In addition, the review sites often rank on the first page of Google, so reviews could very well be the first thing prospective clients read about your business.

Getting online reviews is usually not as difficult as people think. You could merely take the time to personally ask each client to leave a review on a specific site. A card requesting a review, a request on receipts, or an email message with a link to the review site can also be helpful.

Get Links from Reputable Sources

Links to your website from reputable organizations are another important factor in optimizing your website. Google views links from high-quality sources as an indication that your business is also high-quality, and uses these inbound links in its algorithm for ranking websites.


Moz KPI results from Forbes backlink to Trighton


moz seo for forbes

Trighton has a team of advanced SEO link building specialists who have established relationships with key media decision makers.  Our team achieves success by earning authoritative links such as this example on Forbes in addition to many other high-profile publications for our valued clients.

ahref forbes SEO links

Our expert SEO link builders have established many authoritative links such as this example on Forbes in addition to many other high-profile publications for our clients.
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