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Why Attorneys Need a Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency

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Throughout 2017, it has become obvious that law firm internet marketing is not only hyper competitive, but also expensive, time-consuming, and complicated.  There are so many factors to consider when doing anything, from updating your website to revising your marketing strategy, that is seems necessary to consult with multiple types of marketing agencies.

The truth is, however, that most law firms benefit more from working with a full-service digital marketing agency, as long as it is results-driven and has a proven track record of generating new, high-value cases for its clients.  In fact, for optimal results, you should look for a primary marketing partner that provides a  full suite of integrated digital marketing services in law firm SEOlaw firm website designattorney content developmentpaid search marketing, and law firm marketing strategy.

Here’s why:

Increased ROI on Your Marketing Spend

In today’s super competitive mobile environment, you need a coordinated, multi-faceted approach to Internet marketing to stay in the game. If you are working with a digital agency that provides only one or two services, such as SEO and paid search, you could be missing out on opportunities to increase brand awareness, drive more qualified cases, and increase your marketing ROI.

Perhaps your website needs upgrading; maybe a content development and distribution strategy would be effective; or maybe your social media strategy should be enhanced and integrated more fully with your other marketing efforts. If you’re depending on a specialty agency to meet all of your marketing needs, they might not be able to identify the opportunities for improvement outside their area(s) of expertise.  Moreover, even if they are aware of opportunities, they might not be able to develop or implement the high-powered strategies and tactics you need to drive growth for your firm.

In contrast, when you work with an agency that offers a full suite of services, you have access to a team of experts in different facets of digital marketing who will work together to give you the best mix of strategies and tactics to meet your specific goals. You can pick and choose the services you want; you can try and test new tactics; and you can readily adapt your strategy to meet the demands of the rapidly changing legal market.

You’ll Get Better Service and Better Ideas

When you work with a full-service agency, you also benefit from the enhanced creativity and innovative ideas of a multi-disciplinary team.   Expert marketers with different perspectives and different skill sets will be collaborating on your behalf, bouncing ideas around, taking the best from different areas of digital marketing, coming up with new combinations, and developing a powerful, integrated strategy for your firm.

With a full-service digital agency, you’ll also get better service when you want to make a change in your marketing plan.  Whether you want to enhance your firm’s web presence, improve a campaign, or resolve a particular issue, a full-service agency has a team that can quickly go to work to make changes and resolve issues,

Improved Marketing Efficiency

In addition to being able to respond quickly to your firm’s marketing needs and proactively identify and develop new approaches, a full-service digital marketing agency will improve your overall efficiency.  Instead of dealing with multiple agencies, you’ll have one point of contact.  That means fewer meetings, fewer phone calls and emails, and fewer opportunities for miscommunication. Dennis Hernandez, Tampa car accident attorney, explains, “my firm has not only increased efficiency but increased profitability by working with Trighton Interactive as our full service digital marketing agency.

With a full-service agency, you’ll also have better coordination of efforts. You won’t have to do the leg work to ensure your marketing strategies are working together; your agency will coordinate your web design, branding, SEO, paid search, video, social media and content marketing to generate new, high-value cases for your firm.

Get the Results You Want with a Full-Service Digital Legal Marketing Agency

Working with multiple digital marketing agencies can be beneficial, as I’ve noted in a previous post on digital marketing agencies.  However, for optimal results, your law firm will benefit from partnering with a leading full-service digital agency.

If you want to increase your law firm’s marketing ROI and generate new, high-value cases, contact Trighton Interactive at 800.407.2068 or submit our contact form online to talk with a legal marketing expert today.

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