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Social Network Association Appoints Jody Resnick Chief Innovation Officer

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As Chief Innovation Officer, Resnick will explore opportunities for growing the association’s influence by implementing innovative ideas and operating in unexpected ways for the Social Network Association.

The Social Network Association,™ a collaborative industry forum designed to bring service, safety, and sustainability to social networks around the world, and its broadcast media arm, The Social Network Station, have appointed Jody Resnick as Chief Innovation Officer. As Chief Innovation Officer, Resnick will explore opportunities for growing the association’s influence by implementing innovative ideas and operating in unexpected ways.

Resnick is no stranger to innovation. As founder and CEO of Trighton Interactive, a full-service digital agency based in Orlando, Florida, he’s been on the forefront of many technological advances. He has been helping clients, ranging from Fortune 100 companies to startups, develop and execute successful integrated online marketing strategies for over 14 years.

Resnick lives by the philosophy “innovate or die,” and he is ready to drive the innovation process for The Social Network Station. Jim Nico, CEO and Founder of The Social Network Association, explains, “Jody Resnick’s proven expertise in leveraging advanced technology and high-impact SEO strategies to gain competitive advantage for clients will be a great addition to The Social Network Association.”

Led by a team of psychology, sociology, science, legal, business, and marketing experts, The Social Network Association™ is poised to develop best practices and create a system that will help hold social networks and users accountable for their cyber actions, including cyber bullying, cyber hate, and cyber crime.

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Jody Resnick

About Jody Resnick

Jody Resnick, CEO of Trighton Interactive, is a leader in search engine marketing strategy and execution. He has developed successful campaigns across diverse industries for over thirteen years on both the “client side” and the “agency side” of the business. At Trighton, Jody leads all facets of execution, strategic development, and product research to develop integrated, high-impact, data driven campaigns for clients. An early proponent of responsive website design, Jody is ahead of the curve in SEM and SEO strategy development. View Author Page
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