Internet Retailer Learns of Responsive Design Breakpoints From Trighton

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Internet Retailer Learns of Responsive Design Breakpoints From Trighton

“You better know this new term” is the quote from Bill Siwicki, the Managing Editor for Mobile Commerce at Internet Retailer. He is speaking of Responsive Web Design! What he is referring to is a specialty for Trighton Interactive which is a leader in innovate marketing strategies including Responsive design.

With ever increasing numbers of consumers using mobile devices such as a cell phone, ipad or similar device the volume of people searching on these devices has grown exponentially. Viewing a standard website on a tiny screen is frustrating at best! The promise of web design that is able to change orientation as well as detecting screen size to modify itself and enhance the viewer’s experience is changing the game for mobile commerce as well as all web surfing.

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Jody Resnick, CEO of Trighton Interactive, is a leader in search engine marketing strategy and execution. He has developed successful campaigns across diverse industries for over thirteen years on both the “client side” and the “agency side” of the business. At Trighton, Jody leads all facets of execution, strategic development, and product research to develop integrated, high-impact, data driven campaigns for clients. An early proponent of responsive website design, Jody is ahead of the curve in SEM and SEO strategy development. View Author Page
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