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Being Responsive in Website Design and Content Development

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In promoting iOS 7, Apple’s Senior VP of Design Jony Ive describes how “design recedes to elevate your content” on devices using the new operating system.  While his statement refers specifically to Apple’s new operating system for iPhones and iPads, it speaks of a new digital aesthetic that is relevant to all website developers, marketers, and businesses on the web.

That is, today’s web/mobile users and search engine algorithms are sophisticated.  Consumers want images and text that convey meaning quickly and easily, and search engines love high quality content that provides value to users.

Which leads me to two points I’ve made before that are worth repeating here.  First, a responsive website is the best choice for businesses and service providers that want to be found and paid attention to on the web. And second, developing high quality, relevant content is the best method for getting your content read, shared, and ranked higher in the search engines.

Actually, the two – responsive websites and high quality content – work hand in hand in marketing.  A responsive website loads perfectly on any device, fore-fronting content over design and navigation, enhancing consumers’ online experiences, and improving search engine rankings.  (See  Benefits of Responsive Design SEO and Prioritize Responsive Design Now for more on the benefits of responsive design).  Meanwhile, high quality content that responds to consumers’ needs and wants gets read/viewed, shared, and ranked high in search engine rankings, which leads to more people reading/viewing and sharing it, which leads to even higher search engine rankings, and so on.

The conclusion – be responsive in website design and content development.  Give consumers what they want and need (or don’t yet realize they want or need) in a way they can easily find and use it.

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