Intelligent Legal Marketing on the Internet – More Traffic isn’t always the answer

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Legal Marketing on the Internet

In the past five to ten years, many successful law firms have embraced the Internet as a tool for attracting new clients. With the help of marketing agencies, attorneys have adopted paid search and search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to increase traffic to their websites, and they’ve seen results in terms of higher placement in Google search and more visitors to their site.

While these outcomes are good, savvy law firms are now realizing that increasing traffic to their websites is necessary but not sufficient for growing their client base. What is needed is a website that engages visitors and induces them to act – to fill in an inquiry form, engage in a chat session, or to call and schedule a consultation.

Converting web visitors to clients is, after all, the ultimate goal of Internet legal marketing. Yet far too many law firms’ websites fail to provide content that engages potential clients. Typically, websites tout partners’ expertise and accomplishments without considering what future clients actually need to know before deciding to contact an attorney.

Marketing consultant Tom St. Louis argues his case for getting past this kind of advertising. In an article in Trial magazine (Jan. 2013), he claims that “the biggest error lawyers make in marketing is thinking that advertising is their opportunity to brag about how great they are.” Instead, they should “stay relentlessly focused on the mindset of [their] perfect client. What do they want? What do they fear? What words are they using to look for a lawyer?”

Connecting with website visitors in this way – providing the information they need to make the decision to contact your office – will definitely give your firm an important competitive edge. But first you must develop web content that differentiates you from other firms and gives potential clients a reason to contact you.

For busy attorneys who want to harness the power of the internet and engage new clients, consulting with internet marketing experts experienced in developing and testing content for law firms is the best bet. At Trighton Interactive, we’re ready to help you attract and engage future clients with a revitalized, client-centered web presence. By leveraging our responsive design, content development skills, and analytic intelligence, you can begin engaging more website visitors and transforming them into profitable clients.

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Jody Resnick, CEO of Trighton Interactive, is a leader in search engine marketing strategy and execution. He has developed successful campaigns across diverse industries for over thirteen years on both the “client side” and the “agency side” of the business. At Trighton, Jody leads all facets of execution, strategic development, and product research to develop integrated, high-impact, data driven campaigns for clients. An early proponent of responsive website design, Jody is ahead of the curve in SEM and SEO strategy development. View Author Page
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