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Specialized Custom Website
for a Former Special Agent

Attorney Dan Eckhart had an old website with very little brand identity, minimal content, and no calls to action. As a former special agent and federal prosecutor, Eckhart had unique experience he wanted to highlight in creating a strong, successful digital presence for his federal and state criminal defense firm.


Having a website that highlights your unique experience and establishes your firm’s identity is key to your future success.


Eckhart relied on Trighton’s expertise in responsive website design and digital marketing to create a website that would highlight his past experience and position his criminal defense firm as uniquely qualified to handle white collar and other criminal cases. To accomplish this, the Trighton team developed a new best-in-class responsive design website that features Ekhart’s experience and success in the courtroom.

From the patriotic color scheme to the focus on case results and client testimonials, Eckhart’s website conveys a powerful sense of an experienced, qualified federal defense attorney. Furthermore, to enhance SEO and conversion, clear calls to action were included on site pages, the old blog was revamped and improved, and new practice area page content was created.

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