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Davila Law Group’s New Branding Amplified by Sleek, New Website

Seeking to strengthen their position as Volusia County’s premier injury and accident law firm, Davila Law Group’s senior partners, J. David Davila and Kimberly P. Simoes, turned to Trighton Interactive’s team of creative design and marketing experts for new branding and a new website. Within 8 weeks, the Trighton team had completed the firm’s rebranding and launched its new marketing campaign, with a new logo suite, 18 billboards, business folders, business cards, and a new best-in-class website.

This new website was designed specifically to position the firm for growth in Volusia County. From its imagery featuring J. David Davila in front of scenes from Volusia County to its headlines highlighting the firm’s focus on accidents, injuries, and property damage, the website conveys the message that the Davila Law Group is the county’s premier accident and injury law firm. Settlement amounts, testimonials, quick facts, and badges enhance credibility, while the prominently placed phone number, live chat functionality, and contact forms (one in Spanish is included) with calls to action make getting a hold of the firm easy.

The responsive design website is also fully optimized for mobile and all other devices, providing an enhanced user experience overall, while the “sticky” header navigation improves site navigation and optimizes viewing space. In addition, the home page features an appealing landing-page style, and interior pages feature fresh content, custom headers, and improved sidebars.

What really sets the website apart from others is, however, the consistent messaging blended elegantly with the sophisticated design. The strength conveyed by the D and Davila in the firm’s logo is carried out throughout the website with headings highlighted in red rectangular-like shapes, while the focus on Volusia County is clearly conveyed in muted images of the sunset, highway, and beach scenes from Volusia County. Practice areas are each highlighted with an impactful image, and the firm’s straightforward approach to helping clients is emphasized throughout the site in the clean design, sharp content, and easy navigation.

Client: Davila Law Group
URL: www.davilalawgroup.com
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