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Bonne Vie Salon, located in Winter Park, Florida, is known for its excellent hair salon services and welcoming, cosmopolitan atmosphere. The salon’s expert stylists consistently exceed clients’ expectations by providing the personalized care and attention that results in uniquely flattering hairstyles.

Bonne Vie prides itself on its sophistication, expertise, and personal approach to hair care, and owner Emil Aghayev wanted a website that conveyed those qualities to site visitors. He chose Trighton Interactive to redesign his salon’s website because of their experience and excellence in design, development, and digital marketing.


The Trighton team worked with Emil to achieve the look and feel he wanted for the Bonne Vie Salon website. First, the entire site was updated with a vibrant color scheme and “modern-chic” look. Pictures of the elegant salon and chic hairstyles catch the viewer’s eye, while testimonials attest to the personal attention and quality service clients receive. In addition, consistent typography and a clean-looking format make reading about salon services, the staff’s expertise, and special products easy and enjoyable.

Site navigation and functionality were also revamped to enhance the user experience. The site’s improved responsive framework enables an excellent display and full functionality no matter what devise a site visitor is using. Furthermore, navigation is open and transparent, with sticky navigation for desktop users and sticky phone click-to-call for mobile users. Contacting the salon is also simple, with a highly visible contact form and appointment calls-to-action throughout the site.

From its home page slider to its Instagram-based image galleries and enhanced blog format, Bonne Vie salon’s new website is a class act. People visiting the website will intuitively know that Bonne Vie salon will provide exceptional, personalized hair care services in an elegant, welcoming atmosphere. Moreover, people looking for a high quality salon in the Orlando area will readily be able to find Bonne Vie’s website thanks to Trighton’s expertise in Orlando SEO.

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