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Wiping the Floor With the Competition

All Rags, a leading national distributor of wiping cloths for numerous industries, needed an updated website to reach a wider market. They also wanted to feature their wide range of products and make it easy for customers to view and purchase their wiping cloths online.

They decided to work with Trighton because of the agency’s nimbleness and expertise in digital marketing strategy. The Trighton team delivered a sophisticated responsive design website optimized for search and conversion. The website provides a smooth user experience while allowing easy interaction with company representatives and providing the company with analytics on visitors’ engagement with the site.


A Modernized E-Commerce Platform

The new, user friendly website allows site visitors to browse all products by category or by industry, view the products and read informative descriptions about them, get pricing information, and then purchase the quantity and type of wiping cloths needed – all with a few simple clicks on their phones, tablets, or desktop computers. Customers who have questions about products also have the option to click-to-call customer service, chat live online, or email the company.

The website’s simple but sophisticated functionality is complemented by its color palette and format. The judicious use of white space highlights the variety of wiping cloths available, while the neatly arranged images allow you to see numerous products at the same time without being overwhelmed. The ability to filter products by industry or attributes and sort them alphabetically is also a great help to customers looking for the perfect wiping cloth for their business.

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