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Five Reasons to Work with Multiple Digital Marketing Agencies

Share on Pinterest According to a recent report released by Borrell Associates, businesses’ spending on digital marketing services – website design and hosting, SEO, reputation management, content development, social media management, and numerous other services – has tripled in the...
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Peltz Shoes Facebook Fan Acquisition Overview

Share on Pinterest Facebook Fan Acquisition Promotion Peltz Shoes is a Florida based business in the Tampa Bay area. This family operation has been around since 1957. We established a successful Facebook Fan Acquisition to drive more customers to the...
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Ouchies Fan Acquisition Case Study

Share on Pinterest Facebook Fan Acquisition Case Study Ouchies is a brand of bandages that boasts, “People Against Boring Bandages.” While Ouchies is a relatively young company, they had come to Trighton Interactive to amp up their social media presence...
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Mobile Website: Why and what the future can bring for E-commerce

Share on Pinterest So you already have a website, and you’re on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked-in, the works. But now you notice that many of your long time customers are walking around with phones in your business and you wonder...
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Internet Retailer Learns of Responsive Design Breakpoints From Trighton

Share on Pinterest Internet Retailer Learns of Responsive Design Breakpoints From Trighton “You better know this new term” is the quote from Bill Siwicki, the Managing Editor for Mobile Commerce at Internet Retailer. He is speaking of Responsive Web Design!...
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