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Give Your Law Firm a Memorable Visual Brand Identity

icon-branding-designIn today’s digital world, your website is probably your most important marketing tool, visually and textually representing who you are and what you do. Before visitors to your website take the time to read about your firm, they will have a sense of your identity from your attorney logo design and messaging.

At Trighton, we believe that a well-designed visual identity provides a foundation for building relationships and doing business. Consistent use of your logo, with a complementary color palette, suitable typography and appropriate images convey the message of quality about your firm and services you want clients to remember.

Create Awareness and Loyalty with Law Firm Branding & Attorney Logo Design

Marketing research indicates that a powerful firm identity, developed with consistent branding and messaging, lets clients know your strength as a firm. From the attorney logo on your website, the appearance of your business cards, and the look of your stationary to the law firm branding selected for the top of your website’s pages, consistent branding makes a strong impression on prospective clients.

As a visual representation of who you are and what you do, your logo and other elements of your visual identity can position you as a leader in the marketplace and distinguish you clearly from competitors. Your services can’t be seen, heard or felt, so the visual representation of your firm must ultimately convey the expertise, reliability, and personal attention your clients can expect. At Trighton, we’ve helped many clients clearly identify and convey their brand so that before even contacting them, people know not just the firm’s areas of expertise but their strengths and accomplishments as well. We can enhance or re-imagine your existing brand or create something entirely new to best represent your firm.

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