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Launch a Successful Marketing Plan backed by Trighton’s Ongoing Law Firm Website Analytics & Measurement

icon-measurement-analysisMost businesses recognize the importance of search engine optimization and conversion optimization for energizing their internet marketing campaigns. However, many firms still take a hit-or-miss approach to strategy rather than relying on readily accessible data and analysis to help them make informed decisions about how to best invest their marketing dollars.

At Trighton, we work with clients to develop plans to evaluate all marketing efforts. Our sophisticated data capabilities take the guesswork out of marketing investment decisions and help you develop a marketing plan that will start growing your business now and keep it growing steadily in the future.

Stay Ahead of the Competition with
Results-Driven Decisions made possible with advanced Law Firm Website Analytics

Like many other busy professionals, you may understand the importance of collecting and using data to make informed decisions about your marketing strategies, but don’t have the time or expertise to analyze all of the available data. That’s where Trighton’s experienced internet marketing team can help. We can make sense of your law firm website analytics and identify KPIs that really matters for your bottom line and quickly implement changes to drive growth.

Our internet marketing pros have the law firm website analytics experience and software training your firm needs to make results-driven decisions to keep you ahead of the competition. We will help you determine the important metrics, not just clicks per ad or clicks per page, but data on site visitors’ intentions and interactions with your site. Then we’ll develop an evaluation plan to keep you updated on how well your marketing strategies are working, collect and analyze the data, and report findings and recommendations. Finally, we’ll make improvements in your Law Firm SEO strategies based on our analyses and then repeat the cycle of measurement and analysis to test the performance of the new strategies and other changes.

Our clients have benefited greatly from employing strategies developed from our advanced data capabilities. They’ve amassed more qualified leads, more clients, and more revenue by implementing growth opportunities revealed by our data analysis and made possible by the internet.

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