Email & CRM

Deliver powerful messages and grow your business.

Email Marketing from Trighton Works to Attract and Retain Clients

icon-email-marketingEmail marketing is probably the most familiar and widely used form of digital marketing. Whether emailing a newsletter, a special offer, an invitation, or other type of publication, if the message is focused and well written, email is a very effective way to stay in front of prospective and existing clients, maintain a good relationship with them, and thereby grow your business.

Our experience shows that emails sent to targeted groups on a regular basis engage clients, while providing us with data on who opens the message, who clicks on links in the message, who unsubscribes, and who converts from email recipient to client. Given this information, we’ll know what kind of content and offers are most effective in meeting your business goals. Even more important, with email marketing from Trighton as part of your overall digital marketing plan, you’ll realize a very high ROI!

Email with a CRM for Even More Powerful Marketing

To boost the power of your email marketing campaigns, we suggest using our client relationship management system (CRM). With our CRM, you’ll benefit from seamless integration of all communication with clients. Emails that look and read great on any device will automatically be sent to a list of potential and existing clients on an ongoing basis to keep your firm top of mind. And your CRM system will allow you to respond quickly and professionally to those clients who take the desired actions (e.g., filling in a contact form).

Trighton’s content specialists will ensure that the email preview text and subject line entice people to open your email, and that fresh, relevant content engages them and prompts them to take the action desired. Meanwhile, testing of the type of content, type of call to action, and delivery time will help improve your email marketing strategy by providing actionable information on what works best to elicit the actions you want.

Our CRM will also enable you to understand your existing clients and retain them with a better client experience. Additionally, you’ll be able to attract and acquire new clients and increase profitability.