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Boost your bottom line with successful conversion optimization strategies.

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Improve Your Bottom Line with Conversion Optimization from Trighton

icon-conversion-optimizationToo often businesses and internet marketing agencies focus only on improving search engine rankings, generating more traffic to a website and getting more leads.   Online visibility, site traffic and lead generation are, of course, key to effective internet marketing. But if potential clients or customers merely visit your website but do not contact you and engage your services, then your internet marketing efforts have not really been successful.

What you need to do to boost your bottom line is to increase the percentage of site visitors that convert into clients or customers. Trighton Interactive is very successful at improving our clients’ conversion rates. We are experts at conversion optimization, the techniques used to test the efficacy of your website’s design, determine what drives performance, and make sound decisions to get the results you want from your website and internet marketing campaigns.

Put the Power of the Internet to Work for You with Successful Conversion Optimization Strategies from Trighton

Optimizing your conversion rate is one of the most profitable internet marketing activities you can engage in, since it harnesses the power of the internet to collect reliable data very quickly and uses that data to make informed improvements in your website’s performance.

As part of your internet marketing strategy, the expert internet marketers at Trighton will test your website to determine what performs well in terms of converting site visitors into clients. A/B testing will be used to compare two versions of a web page to each other, and multivariate testing will be used to compare the efficacy of different design combinations, as well as determine which elements have the greatest impact on a site visitor’s interactions with the website.

Based on reliable data and Trighton’s expertise in analysis, enhancements to your website will not only increase your conversion rate, but will also increase your marketing ROI and market share. A higher conversion rate means more clients, which means more revenue and the potential to increase your marketing spend and thereby increase your business even more.