ComRes Repairs

ComRes Services, Inc., a professional maintenance and handyman service organization serving Central Florida since 2000, wanted to update its website to showcase its reliable services and attract more clients.  Working with ComRes, Trighton developed a visually appealing responsive website that focuses on service.  Easy-to-see pictures explicitly show the kind of work ComRes can undertake, while easy-to-access explanations make it clear why people in need of handyman services should contact ComRes.

The responsive website, which loads optimally on all desktop and mobile devices, also features client testimonials, videos, and easy-to-use forms for contacting the company.  Owners Charlie Hamrick and Lane Ross are glad they worked with Trighton on a responsive website design to enhance their marketing plan.  To date, they have also branched into social media with Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and YouTube and have increased their business with their effective web presence.