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Devon Workman Law: Cutting-Edge Injury Attorney Website Design

Trighton’s creative team designed a cutting-edge responsive website design for Devon Workman Law, LLC, to highlight the firm’s many areas of expertise in Injury Law and to showcase their success, serving the areas throughout Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach counties, and the state of Florida.

The new responsive design focuses on conversion optimization which increases the percentage of visitors to the website that convert to clients. The Trighton website and development team achieved this by featuring a sleek landing-page-style home page, an eye catching contact form on every page, direct call-to-action headlines, and prominently placed phone number.

As an aggressive and passionate injury law attorney, Devon needed a website that reflected his hard work and dedication to his clients. The overall user experience has been improved with consistent colors and type to match the Devon Workman Law brand. With a sticky-scroll navigation and a sticky click-to-call on mobile, this feature allows the user to access the navigation menu easily. This also increases conversion as it significantly improves the client experience by giving the client a chance to explore the webpage in a controlled digital experience without getting lost in content.

Client: Devon Workman Law
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