Medical malpractice law firm SEO Case Study:

 SEO for Medical Malpractice Attorneys is a WIN

When Paul and Perkins’ website was penalized by Google due to their former marketing agency’s unscrupulous medical malpractice law firm SEO tactics, the attorneys were desperate to find a solution. They liked Trighton’s thorough, no nonsense approach and have been exceedingly happy with the results ever since.

Initial Challenge

Paul & Perkins, a successful personal injury law firm located in Orlando, Florida, had a website that ranked well in Google prior to 2011, when the search engine updated its algorithm to increase the ranking of high quality websites and penalize those of less quality. Due to unscrupulous “black-hat SEO techniques” practiced by its former marketing agency, the firm’s website was penalized and lost all of its organic ranking. Prospective clients could no longer find Paul & Perkins online, and the firm began to lose market share.

The attorneys looked for a solution to the problem and were referred to Trighton Interactive for their expertise in Law Firm SEO. At first, they were very reluctant to work with another internet marketing agency. However, they liked Trighton’s approach and suggestions. Impressed by the Trighton team’s knowledge and transparency, Paul & Perkins decided to collaborate with the agency on starting from scratch and building a new brand with a new website and internet marketing plan.

The Strategy

After conducting research on the firm, its existing website, and the market, Trighton recommended abandoning the old website and domain and starting fresh with a new brand, a new responsive design website, and a comprehensive internet marketing strategy to position the firm for continued growth. Trighton’s research also identified a strong opportunity for additional websites to facilitate qualified lead acquisition for several of the firm’s main practice areas.

Paul & Perkins’ new mobile-friendly website quickly achieved high rankings in Google due to the Law Firm SEO tactics built right into it. The firm then leveraged the success of the website and launched five other sites as resources for injury victims (e.g., Birth Injury Support, Nursing Home Abuse Guide). These additional websites have been very successful for link-building outreach to build credibility, the #1 ranking factor in Google.

Powerful Law Firm.  Powerful Results

Paul & Perkins began seeing results within a few weeks of launching their new website. Improved rankings in Google resulted in more leads and more clients. Within six months, the website achieved first place in local and organic search. The firm was thus able to re-establish its prominent web presence and build the momentum to maintain dominance on the internet and in the real world.

bestlegalThe additional websites created as resources for personal injury victims have exceeded all expectations for driving new cases. Without any paid search, some of the sites show up #1 nationally in Google and bring in national leads. This national success has opened up a new opportunity for Paul & Perkins to refer cases to other attorneys across the country.

The attorneys of Paul & Perkins PA are very thankful they decided to work with Trighton. They’re currently reaping the ongoing benefits of Trighton’s expertise in planning, design and execution:

Medical Malpractice Law Firm SEO Success

Medical Malpractice Law Firm SEO
SEO results from Google on Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Law Firm Websites that Drive The Cases You Want

It is no accident that Paul & Perkins’ website achieved first place in local and organic search within six months of launching. The site was designed specifically to do just that. The Law Firm’s new responsive, mobile-friendly website features excellent site architecture and design, as well with Law Firm SEO built-in which continues to drive the website to the top of Google.

The website also features excellent content, which is good for both SEO and the user experience. When prospective clients come to the site, they can easily find all the information they need about personal injury cases and Paul & Perkins’ “different approach to injury law,” and contact the firm to schedule a free case evaluation.

Paul & Perkins’ Nursing Home Abuse Guide is a content-rich website that comes up first nationally in organic search. It provides useful information on types of elder abuse, negligence and injuries, as well as nursing home laws, liability and regulations. By providing empowering information, the site leads people to contact the firm to find out if they have a case. Accordingly, the website has been a very effective client acquisition and referral tool.

What Our Client Says

“I’ve been a client of Trighton’s for over 7 years. It’s not only been a pleasure learning and collaborating with their team of experts, this relationship has helped my firm generate many new clients and significant revenue.”

David Paul Founder, Paul & Perkins PA
orlando personal injury website design

Analysis of the Medical Malpractice SEO Integrated Strategy

Medical Malpractice Law Firm SEO includes Re-Establishing a New Brand to Start Fresh

The Paul & Perkins case shows how, with research and strategy, a brand can be re-established on the internet after problems with Google. Abandoning the old website and domain and re-establishing Paul & Perkins as experienced Orlando personal injury attorneys with a “different approach to injury law” was definitely the best solution for the firm’s internet marketing problems.

The firm’s sophisticated new logo, professional attorney photographs, list of settlements and verdicts, and client testimonials all attest to Paul & Perkins’ expertise in personal injury law. In addition, the website’s extensive content, clean look, and appealing color palette together convey the same message of sophistication, expertise and difference – something a cut above the rest – in the way personal injury cases are handled.

  • Achieved first place in local and organic search within 6 months of launching.
  • Experienced a 600% increase in cases generated from website since working with Trighton.
  • Holds #1 position in national search for websites related to practice areas.
  • Benefits from new business opportunity in referring national leads to other firms.

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