Law firm seo Case Study:

Leading NYC Bankruptcy Law Firm Regains Market Share With Targeted SEO to Retain His #1 Position as Filer

When attorney Charles Juntikka found his firm in the uncomfortable position of not getting any clients from the internet, he decided he needed Trighton’s Law Firm SEO help:

Initial Challenge

Like many established attorneys, Juntikka had built his practice on full-page ads in the Yellow Pages and relied on offline advertising to drive his business. In the early 2000s, he embraced the internet as a marketing tool, had a website developed, and worked with several different marketing agencies to optimize his firm’s website. Despite these efforts, his website was never ranked at the top of Google for priority, non-branded keywords.

Juntikka knew his website didn’t work as a new client acquisition tool because he wasn’t getting any new clients from the web. He’d tried different approaches and different agencies, but no one seemed to be able to put the pieces together so that the site would drive new clients to his firm. Juntikka was especially concerned because his filings were decreasing for the first time ever. Other law firms that were not as credible or as good were stealing market share because of their dominant web presence. He knew he needed to crack the code on digital marketing to regain market share and retain the #1 position as filer of bankruptcies in New York City.

Charles Juntikka & Associates was referred to Trighton Interactive by another successful New York City medical malpractice attorney who was very satisfied with the revenue growth and success his firm had experienced since working with Trighton.

The Strategy

As the first step in creating a new responsive website that would amass the firm’s offline credibility and authority with its online presence, the Trighton team partnered with Juntikka and his associates to conduct a brand assessment and develop a content strategy and linguistic profile. The Trighton team then designed a new mobile-friendly, responsive website that leveraged advanced search engine optimization tactics and matched Juntikka’s offline authority as the #1 filer of bankruptcy cases in New York City. Thanks to Trighton’s design expertise, the site provides the ideal user experience, with relevant content, consistent messaging, an appealing color palette, simple navigation, and vibrant photos.

Through efficient team collaboration, the website launch was coordinated successfully with local search optimization, video marketing for attorneys, content development, and updated directory listings. Once the site was live, attorney paid search marketing was also launched to supplement traffic to the site, and social media channels were developed. Then a strategy of using advanced analytics and comprehensive reporting to make ongoing, data-driven decisions on optimization was implemented.

Trighton Interactive’s Internet Marketing Results

The successful launch of its best in class responsive website, coupled with an integrated mix of advanced internet marketing strategies, produced quick results for Charles Juntikka & Associates. After only a couple of weeks, the firm was seeing excellent results in higher rankings in Google, leads, and clients acquired.

With an ongoing Law Firm SEO campaign developed and managed by Trighton’s team of advanced internet marketing experts, the firm’s website is boasting first place rankings in local and organic search for all bankruptcy-related keywords.  Due to this achievement, the number of qualified leads from organic search is so high that Juntikka has been able to decrease his firm’s paid search budget.

Juntikka credits Jody Resnick and the Trighton team’s top-notch service for his firm’s renewed success.  In less than a year, Trighton helped his firm achieve amazing results:

And Reaching the Top of Google

Bankruptcy Law Firm SEO Google Results for Charles Juntikka

A Responsive Website Designed by Trighton Interactive: A Powerful Marketing Tool

Juntikka and Associate’s website was designed purposefully as a marketing tool. Advanced law firm SEO tactics have been built into (rather than added as an afterthought) the firm’s website for lead generation. When a potential client searches the web for bankruptcy attorneys in New York, Charles Juntikka & Associates is going to come up at the top of Google in organic search.

In addition, the website is specifically designed to convert site visitors into clients for the firm. It is sophisticated in its functionality and design, yet simple to navigate and appealing for prospective clients. Its soothing color palette and generous use of white space help prospective clients find the information they need and contact the firm to find out more specifically about their individual bankruptcy case. The site architecture and content work together to enhance the website experience and optimize conversions.  Based upon research and best practices, the website provides the ideal user experience while conveying a consistent message about the firm’s expertise and desire to help individuals who can benefit from filing for bankruptcy.

What Our Client Says

“My firm conducted a wide-ranging search prior to hiring our first real digital agency. We decided to go with Trighton because of their outstanding recommendations from their current clients including other leaders in the legal profession. There are a lot website developers out there. It was reassuring to hear superlatives about Jody and his team from other law firms who have collaborated with them for a period of years. Now, the results are speaking for themselves.”

Charles Juntikka Founder, Charles Juntikka & Associates, LLP
bankruptcy law firm website design

Analysis of Juntikka’s Internet Marketing Achievement

Building a Brand.

The Juntikka case demonstrates how research and branding before developing a new website produce the most effective internet marketing tools and highest ROI. The Trighton team zeroed in on the firm’s brand as the #1 filer of Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases in New York City and developed messaging to reach and capture the firm’s target market.

With headlines, images, attorney videos, news articles, page content, and overall design, Juntikka’s website conveys a clear message of credibility and commitment to helping clients. The consistent messaging about the firm’s experience as the #1 filer of bankruptcy cases and the attorneys’ sincere desire to help financially pressed individuals bring Juntikka’s real world credibility to the dynamic world of the internet.

  • Achieved #1 position on Google for very competitive keywords (e.g., “NYC Bankruptcy Attorney,” “New York Bankruptcy Attorney,” “Bankruptcy Lawyer NYC”).
  • Took #1 position in local organic search for dominance on the web.
  • Attained more than 145 five-star Google reviews.
  • Experienced a +1000% increase in online traffic
  • Saw a +250% increase in online leads
  • Realized significant cost savings by shifting traditional advertising budget to the internet

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