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Kenton Smeltzer

Chief Technology Officer

Kenton Smeltzer is an executive-level technologist who has spent nearly 20 years on the front line of technology development, both as a hands-on technician and as a manager of technology and technical personnel. His overarching goal has been to make technology intuitive and simple for others to use. He brings that sense of purpose to Trighton Interactive, to every project he embarks on, and to every team he leads.

Over the course of his career, Kenton has worked in small, mid-sized, and Fortune 500 environments, from start-ups to Marriott International. Working in these diverse environments has given him broad-based executive-level technical experience in creatubg cost-effective solutions for small businesses, as well as in managing multi-million dollar budgets, contracts and global-scale systems.

As a lead technologist, Kenton has worked with three executive teams to design targeted technical platforms that helped build and sell growth-potential companies to entities such as and TUI travel. Each early stage and mid-growth company Kenton has worked with has had a successful multi-million dollar exit as a direct result of his involvement in developing targeted technology to meet the board’s and investors’ objectives. In addition, Kenton has been a leader in sharing new ideas and knowledge related to technology, having been a guest speaker at events such as IBM’s Impact and a teacher to others seeking to apply technical solutions to business problems.

At the core of Kenton’s successful leadership experiences is a deep understanding of technology at the development and engineering levels. Kenton believes that technology and technicians become increasingly more difficult to manage when one is not versed in the nuances and details of technology’s complicated artistry. With this in mind, Kenton keeps his technical skills current by working alongside team members to envision solutions and work through problems. His ability to lead technicians by example has been his greatest asset as a team leader, virtually ensuring the success of all projects.

As a valued member of the Trighton team, Kenton brings his vision, leadership and expertise as a technologist to bear on all projects to help our clients achieve their business goals.