Craig Haft


Craig Haft

Director of Videography

Craig Haft, Trighton’s Director of Videography, has 23 years’ experience as a videographer, with innovative camerawork and prototypical miniature and hidden camera applications that set him apart as a leader in contemporary videography and strategic video marketing. His credits include contributions to HBO’s Emmy award-winning “Taxicab Confessions,” the Discovery Channel’s Emmy award-winning “Cash Cab,” ABC’s “20/20” and “Primetime,” CBS’s “60 Minutes,” NBC’s “48 Hours” and “Dateline NBC.”

A true innovator and videography expert, Haft has put cameras on horses, jockeys, airplane wings, helicopters, race cars, crash test cars, firemen, and police officers, as well as in courtrooms and jury rooms. Haft has also directed his cameras for the unprecedented ABC-TV series “State V,” in which remote controlled cameras were allowed to capture the real-life drama of jury deliberating rooms for six trials in Arizona and Ohio, and he has engineered remote control camera systems to document over a dozen trials and investigations for Dick Wolf’s “Crime & Punishment” (the real life “Law & Order”).

award-emmyOf his many contributions to legal and medical industry investigations, Haft’s contributions to the iconic NBC Dateline Show, “To Catch a Predator,” best demonstrate the impact innovative videography can have on the American public. Working in conjunction with law enforcement agencies, Haft’s cameras captured evidentiary footage that educated American families about the imminent dangers of internet technology as a gateway for pedophiles to access our children. The social impact of that hidden camera investigative series became the subject of conversations from the dinner table to Washington, DC, on how to educate and legislate stronger protections for our children.

As a creative cinematographer with over 20 years; experience, Haft brings a valued dimension of innovation to Trighton Interactive – creative videos that engage consumers in unexpected, exciting ways. With expertly crafted video marketing content that establishes them as the authority on their products and sets them apart from all other brands, our clients can achieve top-of-mind awareness for their products and services.