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Responsive Web Design - One Website That Looks Great on All Devices

We leverage the latest web development technology to create websites that focus on user experience. Our creative approach to design and conversion optimization allows us to produce industry leading lead generation and ecommerce websites that excel at accomplishing their objectives.

Responsive Design is the Future of the Internet

Consider, for example, the likelihood of people you know checking out products or services first thing in the morning on their smartphones, doing a little more browsing on their PCs at work, and then seriously researching prices and making a purchase using their tablets while relaxing after dinner.

Responsive Websites Built by Trighton Interactive

If this sounds familiar or even plausible, consider the fact that this new way of interacting with digital content means that retailers and service providers “must build strategies that address audiences across these devices throughout their shopping and purchasing process.” If your business is not savvy enough to be “in front of the consumer at every step of the sales funnel,” you risk losing a customer (comScore, 2012).

We also build Mobile Websites that offer a rapid solution to take advantage of the increase in mobile traffic.

Watch Trighton’s CEO, Jody Resnick, Explain Why Responsive Design is the future of the internet

More Efficient Development with Responsive Design

From the design phase through execution, developing and managing multiple websites for multiple devices can be very time-consuming and costly. That’s why Trighton Interactive believes in Responsive Website Design, websites with the technology to automatically respond elegantly to each different device and provide an ideal consumer experience.

Responsive Website Created for Top NYC & NJ Medical Malpractice Law Firm

shl_portfolio – Responsive Website for Top NYC Bankruptcy Law Firm

Law Firm Responsive Design Website

Responsive design leverages a single web presence and optimizes the user interface to the workflow of the device it is delivered to. No more pinching and zooming to navigate around a web site that was never intended to be delivered to the compact view of a mobile device. Responsive Website Design solutions detect and adapt to the device viewing your site.

At Trighton we are leading the industry in designing and developing responsive strategies for our clients. We’re based in Orlando, Florida and provide award-winning services to clients all over the world.

Our CEO, Jody Resnick, has been featured as an expert source by Forbes, eMarketer, The San Francisco Chronicle, and Internet Retailer, and Trighton has won Interactive Media awards for Outstanding Achievement in Responsive Website Development.

Jody Resnick eMarketer

Jody Resnick interviewed as an expert for eMarketers official report on Responsive Design.

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